My journey to getting fit again, and staying there


Life has been…

Over the past few months, starting before I went to Vegas for Nationals, my life has been an up and down roller-coaster. I have had more problems than I care to deal with in my personal life, and in my public one I began promoting a company that I had just thought up months before.

Life has definitely thrown a couple curve balls my way, one being a lack of funds/knowledge to build a sufficient website for my company. I’ve started going back to school and that has also cut down on my ability to put up a running website that I feel is sufficient enough to place out on the WWW. I’ve gone over different approaches, thought long, and hard, about the decisions I’ve made thus far, and came to a realization. Suck it up, get back in the game.

I don’t mean “game” as a sport, I mean it as the “game” of life. I have, for too long, let others affect the way I feel. Counted on others to pick me up when I’m dragging my feet. And, I have been too lazy to get off my ass, and get back to working out and eating right. Times, are tough, they are only going to get tougher, so there is no point, not one, to sit on my ass and mope through the mess and hope it ends soon. It stops here and now.

I started back to eating right this week, and even planned on hitting the gym on Monday. Sunday night however, I started getting a cough, followed by dizziness, and double vision. Probably not the best time to hit the weights. But, I did continue eating right. I’ve cut back on diet soda, switching to water. I have ate breakfast everyday, plus lunch, and dinner, with small snacks in between. I have started back on the right path for me.

Today I woke up with a fire like I had the day I thought up the company that has grown from an idea to reality in a few short months, and in a few more it will produce its own revenue. I, however, am not going to wait that long for me to generate the results I want for myself. I am starting today to work out more ways for me to continue to earn revenue through my hardwork. Get my body back in the shape I was in while I was in the Army. And, not giving in to self induced boredom and depression. Today is the day to suck it up, and get back in the game.